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Get Involved!

Want to get involved in something new?

Looking for good people to do fun things with?

Here are some non Cave Spring Projects, Groups or Events that we can recommend are worth looking at!

Kansas City Area Grotto   <— Click Here For More Info

Have you ever wanted to explore a real cave?    The KC Area Grotto are REAL CAVERS.    They are the leaders in conservation, preservation and exploration of caves in Missouri.   They accept volunteers and have a constant flow of conservation and exploration projects.   They meet monthly at UMKC and you can check out their website on the link above.   This is a once in a lifetime group to hook up with!

Astronomical Society of Kansas City <—-Click Here For More Info

We always get a lot of interest in our Astronomy program but have you ever wanted to see what it looks like to stargaze with a real telescope?  Most people do not realize that the Powell Observatory in Louisberg, Ks is only 25 mins south of the KC Metro area and has a real observatory staffed by volunteers who give the public access to a professional telescope as well as offering classes, lectures and yes! even accepting volunteers!   The ASKC also meets at UMKC monthly and you can look at the link above for more information.

The PickPocket Guy!  <— Click Here For More Info

Ok we just had to put this one up there because we like him so much…  Do you like Magic?  David Blaine, Penn & Teller Fool Us?   Then you should check out Gene Turner aka The PickPocket Guy.   Gene combines his engaging style of humor and magic with real life training for both private individuals as well as corporations.   You can check out his website above and if you have little ones be certain to check him out Tuesday Nights at the Pizza Ranch off 291 and I70 where he wanders through the crowd all night entertaining young and old alike!  ps. Keep a close eye on your watch!


If you have anything else that is of community interest please email us at so we can share it!