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Cave Spring Historical Research Society


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Cave Spring Historical Research Society

For 40 years now the Cave Spring Association has helped preserve the record of Eastern Jackson Counties history be it through our local displays, historical art work, records and journal and our purchasing for the preservation local historic sites such as the Manchester Swale.

While much of our work at Cave Spring focuses on the maintenance of the trials, kids programs and the like  The Cave Spring Historical Research Society is an active research group that focuses primarily on the task of preserving the historical record and expanding our knowledge of it.

The Society is focused on the the accurate depiction of the historical record.

One of our focus areas is the History of the Barnes Enclosure, Cave Spring Park, Raytown, Missouri and the role the local area played in the Trails Period of Early American Expansion.

We offer our services free of charge to anyone who has questions regarding local history, relic identification and metallurgical surveying of properties to identify historic sites. 

Access to our Library is currently by appointment only as we are staffed by volunteers.

If you have any questions please contact us below and we will be in touch within 24 hours.  Thank You.

    Also, we are always looking for new materials to add to our library, any donations of desirable research material or artifacts will be recognized by a life membership to The Cave Spring Association as well as a listing on our website and in our library as a Benefactor and possibly a tax credit!