Henry Thompson Ritter


Born; December 18, 1823, believe in Lee County, Virginia
Family legends: He stated the family came to Jackson County, Missouri in 1835
Married: Mary Marticia (Mathera, Martisha) Taylor 24 January 1850, by J.A. Moore, J.P.W.T., Washington County,Mo. (Part later became Jackson County)
Died: February 24, 1903, at his home (Property is now a fire-station of Lee’s Summit, MO., southeast corner of Highway 291 and Colbern Road). He is buried in the Lee’s Summit Cemetery.
According to Jackson County, Mo., census records his mother was probably, Eleanor, born about 1803, in Virginia, and her husband, John Ritter, died ca January 1840. Both died in Missouri but place of burial unknown.


Born: December 6, 1831 (Some say in Saline, Co., MO., census says Kentucky)
Confusion as to her parents names, mother said to be Lockey, related to Rowland family in Lone Jack, Mo. James Black married Lockey Roland, 23 March, 1834, Ray Co., Mo. They bought property near the Old County Farm, now Lakewood Hospital. Her child, Morgan Black, was known as Martisha’s half-brother. Lockey, when widowed moved to Worth Co., Mo. about 1856.
Died: June 15, 1901 Buried in Lee’s Summit Cemetery


Parents of ten children:

  1. John Luther Ritter, b. Dec. 27, 1850-d. May 7, 1905
    Children: Bert Thomas, Robert Emery, Harry Luther
  2. Ann Eliza Ritter Jones ,b. May 5, 1855-d. June 1, 1927
    Children: Harry, Ada Jones Sechler, Wallace, Thornton, Lester, Walter “Dick”, Marion Mamie Jones Adee
  3. William Robert Ritter, b. March 17, 1855-d. August 16, 1935
    Children: Infant, 1879, Mary Lulah Ritter Leinweber, Eva Lee Ritter Hunter, Elmer Wood, Besse Ola Ritter Eaton-Engle, Hattie Mae Ritter Briscoe, Boy, Francis Emmett
  4. Josephine Hart Ritter Dark, b. Feb. 17, 1857 (Kansas) d. May 19, 1941
    Children: Willaim Henry, Mary Dora Dark Dounda, Charles Delbert
  5. James Shelvy Ritter, b. April 23, 1859 (Kansas)- d. March 26, 1926
    Children: Una May Ritter Steele, Luther Shelvy
  6. Sarah Catherine (Kate) Ritter Bridges-Hodges (Texas), b. July 17, 1861
    Children: Effie May Bridges Mahan, Edna Martisha Bridges Workman, Anna Lee Bridges, W. Delma Bridges Potter, Kathryn E. Bridges Hilburn
  7. Henry Taylor Ritter, b. April 8, 1864- d. September 11, 1936
    Children: Roy, Russell
  8. Mary (Mollie) Elizabeth Ritter Johnson, b. Dec. 17, 1866-d. May 2, 1954
    Children: Telfer, Jennie Belle Johnson Merritt, Henry Chrisman Johnson
  9. Locky Jane Ritter, b. October 17, 1868-d. November 14, 1873-5
  10. Elvis Clark Ritter, b. ? – d. September 13, 1879


Martin Leinweber; Born Feb. 21, 1834, in Germany
Fifth child of Johann Eckehard and Anna M. Hoffmann Leinweber
Came to U.S. in 1851 from Hamburg, Germany. Enlisted in Civil War, Dec. 10, 1861, Private No. 1068088, A West Division, Co. M, 2nd Regiment,Cavalry Volunteers, Havana, Ill. Discharged January 9, 1865
Married: Catherine Rigle Jan. 27, 1865, Paducah, McCracken Co., Ky.
Died: Feb. 25, 1899, drowned in flooded stream, Henry Co., Mo.
Occupation: Farmer in Illinois. Known as “The Corn King”, San Jose, Ill.

Catherine Rigle Leinweber: Born April 26, 1846 to John and Katherine Walters Reichel, of Paducah, Ky. Her name has many spellings- Katherine, Katrina -Rigel, Reichel, Rikel
Died: November 2, 1933, age 87, at the home of her daughter, Mary Stansbury in Illinois. Grandma Leinweber had lived with the John Leinweber family, on the Old Chrisman Place (Martin Leinweber Estate), Lee’s Summit, Mo. until the death of John’s wife, Dora, Mar 27, 1928


  1. John R (Echard) Leinweber, b. Dec.9, 1865 manito Co. IL-Apr. 3, 1964
    Children: Addie Fisher, ElsieHook, Lewis, Alfred, Katherine Pressly, Martha Powell
  2. Mary Ellen Leinweber Stansbury, b. July 27, 1892, Manito Co, IL- April 14, 1957, IL
    Children: Martin, Pauline, Henry, Eva Bell, Carl
  3. Elizabeth Ann (Lizzie) Leinweber Hiller, June 23, 1869 IL- Apr. 3, 1950
    Children: Kathryn (Katie) Russell, Freda Mielke, Albert, Alma Fike-Grube
  4. Martha Katherine Leinweber Boecke, April 26, 1871, IL- Jan. 26, 1908
    Children: Edith, Naoma Handke IL
  5. Anna Catherine Leinweber Hiller, October 25, 1873-Sept. 16, 1965 IL
    Child: Elvina
  6. Martin Fredrick Leinweber, b. Apr. 4, 1876 IL- Jul.22, 1956 MO
    Children: Mildred Shawhan, Roberta Graham-Bonnewitz, Martin Lee
  7. Minnie Leinweber Garlisch, Aug. 30, 1878 I: – Dec. 4, 1947
    Children: None
    8. Infant
    9. Clara Christine Leinweber Dark, Jan. 27, 1883 IL- Jan. 1980 MO
    Children: Leonard, Lorene Gray, William, James, Everett
    10. Emma Kathryn Leinweber Ritter, Sept. 3, 1885 IL- Sept. 15, 1976 MO
    Children: None
    11. George Leinweber, April 21, 1889 IL- Apr. 1, 1976 MO
    Children: Adopted, Viola Leinweber Holmes
    12. Elvina Leinweber Beach, March 19, 1892 IL- Sept 16, 1964 MO
    Children: None