[b1.1.3] Sechrest Abstract


Compiled by Land Title Abstract Co., 118 S Osage St., Independence, Mo, No 15457 to All that part of the NW Qr of the SE Qr of Sec 18, T 48, R 32 described as follows: Beginning 452 feet West of the NE corner of the NW Qr of the SE Qr of S 18, thence W 108 ft; thence S 440.32 feet; thence E 108 ft; thence N to beginning, all in Jackson Co., Mo
Cen. Sec 18-48-32

! !108 ! 452 !

Richard Barnes entered SE QR of 18-48-32, Sept 24, 1844, 160 acres
Book 244, page 161, Richard Barnes, patent March 1, 1848, filed June 17, 1903, redemption certificate #25091, sale at Clinton, Mo; recorded Missouri Vol. 151, page 100

June 13, 1903, Dept of Interior, General Land office, Washington DC certified annexed copy of patent, cash entry No 25091, pre-emption is a true exemplification from record in this office.

Book M, p 91 Richard Barnes to Wm B Miller, Warranty Deed, dated Apr 20, 1847, $480.00, 160 acres

Book N, p 119 Wm B Miller and Minerva, his wife, to Rudolph Dolonouski, Warranty deed, Feb 4, 1848, filed Apr 27, 1848, $265.00, NE 1/4 and the NE 1/4 of the SE 1/4 18-48-32, 80 acres

Book O, p 19, Rudolph Dolonouski to Lawrence N Ross, Bond, Mar 15, 1849, filed Mar 21, 1849, $1,000.00 bond for deed NE 1/4 and the NW 1/4 of the SE 1/4 18-48-32, 80 acres–and the SW 1/4 of NE 1/4 same section, 40 acres. 6 months

Book R, p 427 Rudolph and Sophia Dolonouski to Lawrence N Ross, warranty deed Apr 1, 1851, filed Jul 29, 1851, $600.00, 120 acres described above

Book T, page 339, Lawrence N and Harriet E Ross to Jesse Noland, warranty deed, Nov 5, 1852, filed Nov 6, 1852, $2,775.00 SW 1/4 17-48-32, 160 acres; NE 1/4 and the NW 1/4 of SE 1/4 18-48-32, 80 acres; N 1/2 of Lot No 2 of the NW 1/4 18-48-32, 39 acres

Book X, p 585 Jesse and Ellizabeth Noland to Alonzo F Henley, warranty deed, Oct 30, 1855, filed Nov 2, 1855, $7,185.00 –SE 1/4 of SE 1/4 18-48-32; NE 1/4 and NW 1/4 of SE 1/4 18-48-32; also N 1/2 Lot 2 of NW 1/4 of NW 1/4 18-48-32 (and other property)

Book Z, page 196 Alonzo and Elizabeth Henley to Charles Sechrest, Sr, warranty deed, Nov 8, 1856, filed Nov 25, 1856; $12,701.40—Among other land–the NE and NW 1/4 of the SE 1/4 18-48-32–containing in all 635 32/100 acres–said party (Henley) reserves 1/4 acre, commencing at the SW corner of the SW corner 18-48-32, running equal distances E and N from said corner to make 1/4 acre

Estate of Charles Sechrist, deceased. Bond filed $14,000.00 with Jacob Sechrist, Theodore Sechrist, John Sechrist, Joshua Sechrist, Richard Estes. Administration to Catherine S Sechrist and Theophilus Sechrist; Record I, p 164, Sept 30, 1864, inventory filed

Record K, p 100 August, 3rd day, final settlement approved
Widow: Catherine; children, Theopheolus, Jacob, Theodore, Joshua, Martha Ann Estes, Louisa, John James, Jane, Newton J, Edward Sechrest, all in Jackson Co., MO

Record J, p. 520 Feb 22, 1867 L W Foree appointed curator of minors

Record N, p 297 Feb 1872 settlement of minor estate of Newton J Sechrest

Record O, p 128 Settlement of minor estate of Edward Sechrest May 1873

Book 207, p 19 Affidavit of Edward Sechrist, filed Jan 17, 1896–
Edward Sechrest, citizen of Jackson Co., Mo, says he is 44 years old and has resided in Jackson County since he was 4 years old; he is a farmer, living continually the past 20 years on the NW 1/4 of the NE 1/4 18-48-32, Jackson Co., Mo. He was well acquainted with Jacob Sechrest, who lived more than 10 years in the immediate neighborhood to above described land; he was well acquainted with Jacob Sechrest and his wife Sarah, who lived for more than 10 years in the neighborhood; Jacob was a brother of his (Edward) father; at the time of his death Jacob left 3 sons and 2 daughters all over 21 years of age, as follows, John R. Sechrest, age about 61; Shedrick Sechrest, about 59, Lydia Sechrest, about 57, Mary Sechrest about 54, Jacob Sechrest about 50 years. Another son, David, died about age of 13, during the lifetime of his father; Sarah Sechrest, his wife died in
Jackson Co., Mo about 1872; Jacob Sechrest died in Grant Co., Ky about 1883; the above children are the heirs of Jacob Sechrest. Sworn Dec 7, 1895
(The above has been simplified, not verbatim)

Book 473, p 427, Affidavit of George W Sechrest, dated Feb 26, 1926 #210392, Jackson Co., Mo

George W Sechrest,upon his oath…he is the son of Louisa Sechrest and John R Sechrest, grandson of Charles Sechrest, Sr..who was the owner of SW QR 17-48-32 about 1855..died about 1864..heirs: Joshua, Theophilus, Theodore, Martha Ann Estes, John J, Jacob, Newton, Edwin, Jane and Louisa who intermarried with John R Sechrest. George W..now 67, is the son of Louisa and John R Sechrest
…that 24 Feb 1867, Louisa and John R Sechrest transferred her interest in Charles Sechrest Sr estate to Joshua Sechrest..therefore in the division of E 1/2 of SW 1/4 17-48-32 was awarded to Theophilus the N 40 acres, and to Jacob the S 40 acres.
…the above Louisa Sechrest, listed as child of Jacob Sechrest is an error…she is a daughter of Charles Sechrest Sr…Jacob Sechrest only child and heir was named Catherine Sechrest….Jacob died about 1870, leaving widow, Alice, and daughter, Catherine, who afterwards married William D Hammond, about 1884…Catherine in full possession until about 1894, selling to Gustave Braun..and land remainded with Braun heirs…July 3, 1928

Marriage record 4, p 11, filed June 1, 1857 filed by Alex’d Chiles, JP—23 April 1857 marriage of John R. Sechrest and Louisa Sechrest

Book 47, p 607 John R and Louisa Sechrest to Joshua Sechrest, warranty deed Feb 24, 1867, filed March 12, 1867, $1300.00..NE and NW 1/4 of SE Qr 18-48-32 (and other land) 1/10 part as heir of Charles Sechrest Sr

Marriage Record, 4, p 67, dated Nov 26, 1857, filed July 10, 1858 by J J Robinson…marriage of Richard J Estes and Martha Ann Sechrest, 26 Nov 1857

Probate Court, 22 Feb 22, 1867, Record J, p. 520 Newton J and Edwin Sechrest, over 14 years of age, heirs of Charles Sechrest Sr chose L W Foree, curator of estates, $6,000.00 bond

Circuit Court, filed March 3, 1868, No 4458 petition for partition by heirs of Charles Sechrest Sr estate, widow dower interest 1/3 part her natural life; children each 1/10….E A Hickman; E C Rice; James West commissioners

Record Q, p 229 Sept 7, 1868 commissioners report

Book 115, p 46 24 March 1877…Charles Sechrest died 20 August 1858 division…..

Sechrest! ! ! ! ! !
!$800 ! ! ! ! ! !
! ! ! ! ! ! !
! ! ! ! ! ! !
! Theo ! $400 ! Newton !Joshua !Cath !Theo !
! Sech ! ! Sech !Sech !Sech !Sech !
! ! !$1166.66!$1600. !$1600. !$1600 !
! ! !——–! ! ! !
! !——–!Edw !——–!——–!———!
! ! !Sech ! M A !John !Jacob !
! ! !1166.66 ! Estes !Sech !Sech !
! ! !——–! $1300. !$1200 !$1200 !
! ! !John ! ! ! !

! ! !$1166.66! ! ! !

Book 138, p 194 Newton J and Laura J Sechrest, deed of trust, to Leander Dehoney, Aug 15, 1884, $1,000.00

Book 144, p 20 Newton J and Laura J Sechrest , deed of trust, to George Davenport, Oct 17, 1885, $400.00

Book 151, p 450, Newton J and Laura J Sechrest, agreement, with S J Hatch, Aug 26, 1886..all coal, iron, gas, oil, mineral underlying..land in Brooking Township…$15 an acre before 1 June 1888

Book 165,p 629 Newton J and Laura J Sechrest to George Davenport, deed of trust, Jan 28, 1889, $1,000.00

Book 189, page 340, Newton J and Laura J Schrest, to George Davenport, deed of trust, $1400.00 June 15, 1892

Book 203, p 132 N J and Laura J Sechrest to George Davenport, deed of trust, Sept 21, 1896

Book 218, p 339 S J and Maggie Hatch to N J Sechrest, quit claim deed, Jan 31, 1896 release on article of agreement

Book 222, p 158 Newton J and Laura J Sechrest to The Scottish American Mortage Co Ltd of Edinburgh, Scotland, deed of trust, Sept 15, 1899, $3500

Book 442, page 108 Scottish Mortgage Co to N J and Laura J Sechrest, quit claim deed, Jan 22, 1926

Book 474, page 373, Thomas D Sechrest, affidavit of maker, Jan 22, 1926, deed of trust Book 222, p 158 has been destroyed or lost

Book 474, p 374, George H Scithers, atty Scottish Mortgage, Jan 22, 1926, above note has been paid

Book 249, page 407 Newton J and Laura J Sechrest to Wm A Harris, right of way, Mar 17, 1904, pipe lines, telegraph lines, pipe lines buried

Book 254, p 325, Wm A and Gara F Harris to Prairie Oil and Gas Co, grant Jan 14, 1905. to acquire right of way

IN THE COUNTY COURT OF JACKSON COUNTY, MISSOURI, AT INDEPENDENCE (Note: All papers are missing from the files)
Record 46, page 314 Monday, June 26th, 1911, 19th day of term
It appearing to the Court that a public necessity for the widening of the public road, known as the Santa Fe trail, as hereinafter described, to the full width of sixty (60) feet, it is ordered that the County Highway Engineer be directed to proceed to survey and mark out the widening of said road to the width of sixty (60) feet, and to make report to the Court on the 3rd day of July, 1911.
Beginning at the center of Section 18, Township 48, Range 32, and running thence to the south quarter corner of said Section 18, Township 48, Range 32. The described line being the center line of the sixty (60) foot right-of-way.

Record 46, page 326 Monday, July 3rd, 1911, 1st Day of Term..
Now comes the County Highway Engineer and files his report upon the widening of the road, known as Santa Fe Trail hereafter described, as heretofore ordered by the Court, and the Court, being of the opinion that the facts justify the widening of such a road at the expense of the County, and it appearing that the land owners whose land is taken by such widening have executed and filed in the Court their relinquishments of the right-of-way for such widening of the road, it is by the Court ordered that such a road be widened to the full width of sixty (60) feet.
It is by the Court ordered that the property owners be given until the 12th day of July, 1911, to erect fences, and also to gather any growing crops on the land taken.
(Description as at the beginning)

Record 46, page 314, June 26th, 1911….
It appearing to the Court that a public necessity exists for the widening of the public road, known as Seventy-ninth street, and hereinafter described, to the full width of sixty (60) feet, it is ordered that the County Highway Engineer be directed to proceed to survey and mark out the widening of said road to the Width of sixty (60) feet and to make report to the Court on the 3rd day of July, 1911.
Beginning at the E QR corner of 18-48-32 and running thence West to the center of 18–48-32; thence West to W QR corner of said 18–48-32; thence NWesterly along center line of the present road in 13-48-32, Range 33 to the South line of Swope Park. The above described line being the center of 60 foot right-of-way, except from the SE corner of the SW Qr of NE QR 18-48-32, it may be widened by taking all of the land from the south side of the road….

Record 46, page 327 July 3, 1911….so ordered

Record 22, page 188 No 20508 Will of Newton J Sechrest, filed Dec 21, 1920

  1. Pay all expenses
  2. To wife, Laura, all of NE QR of the SE QR 18-48-32
  3. For her lifetime, then divided equally, W 18 acres of NW Qr, and the SW Qr of 17-48-32, also SW QR of NE QR 18-48-32 except part known as the Sechrest’s Cemetery and the roadway leading thereto, which has this day been dedicated for a graveyard, as set forth in the dedication this day made by my wife and myself.
  4. To my wife..all, household property in my residence, all money in the bank, all livestock and other personal property
  5. Rest of estate to his six children..witnessed 21 Feb, 1919

Record 31, page 31 Estate 26666, General Index 15, filed Oct 14, 1925, ESTATE OF LAURA J SECHREST, died 25 Oct, 1925; heirs—-
Thomas D Sechrest, son, Alma, wife, Raytown, Mo
Lee E Sechrest, son, Eva, wife Hickman Mills, Mo
Connie Sechrest, dau Hickman Mills, Mo
Jesse F Sechrest , son Kansas City, Ks
Laura Sechrest Shaw, dau, John, husband Kansas City, Ks
Goldena Sechrest Elliot, dau, Fred, husband Ottawa, Ks
(later as in Franklin Co., Kansas)

Book 481, p 196, Feb 8, 1926 includes names of above six children and these below, relationship not explained, may just be the heirs of Gustav Braun, mentioned before
Matilda A Braun
Emma Wright Rufus, husband
Henry W. Braun, Jessie, wife

Book 572, p 180, condemnation, Nov 4, 1929, filed Dec 28,
1931…to build road known as “County Highway from Raytown
to Martin City” and “Extension of Blue Ridge Road”, approved Nov 4, 1929, Harry S. Truman, Presiding Judge

Decree, Nov 16, 1935 incorporating Public Water Supply District #2…Book 606, p 87

Certified copy of decree, proceedings for annexation Oct 31, 1938, Book 638, p 299

Book 715, p 316, George W Estes, affidavit, filed May 5, 1944 (simplified):
George W Estes..he and his brother, Charles R Estes, Jan 29, 1906, Book 270, page 162, conveyed 26.66 acres off S side of W 1/2 of SW Qr 18-48-32, except 1/4 acre in southwest corner, also one acre for School house lying in the south east corner thereof..now 49 years old, resided here except for 12 years has resided in Cass Co., Mo….his father, Richard J Estes died Jan 1882, leaving widow, Martha A Estes; children, “Quintilla”, Charles R, Dora Ruth, Martha A, George W, Delpha Kate, Noah Edward….
Widow, Martha died April 18, 1895
Quintilla died Sept 14, 1885
Noah Edward died Nov 9, 1881

Record 115, page 235, Oct 23, 1947 incorporation of Raytown Fire Protection District

Book 864, p 431 Goldena Sechrest Elliott and Fred, husband, warranty deed to Clifford and Mary Lou Emmanuel, warranty deed. April 8, 1948, part described at first of abstract

From A MEMORIAL AND BIOGRAPHICAL RECORD OF KANSAS CITY AND JACKSON COUNTY, MISSOURI, Chicago, The Lewis Publishing Co., 1896 , pp 473 and 474 (Mid-Continent Lib. Ref 977.841

J. R. SECHREST (two pages of family history but will copy the material that will clarify the relationship of the Sechrest and McQueary family; the McQuery Estate marked on the 1877 map as 160 acres, the SE 1/4 of NW 1/4 and the SW 1/4 of NE 1/4 in Section 25, Township 48, Range 33, approximately between 91st and 93rd streets, Kansas City, Mo., Jackson County, Mo,)
J(ohn) R. Sechrest, born May 8, 1834, Fayette, Ky.
Came to Mo., 1854
Married, cousin, Louisa Sechrest Apr. 23, 1857
Louisa died Feb. 7, 1876
Their six children are not involved in the McQueary estate in Section 25, T 48, R 33
J. R. Sechrest married Mrs. Martha McQueary, June 8, 1876
They were the parents of two children:

  1. Meade Sechrest born Aug 28, 1877
  2. Otta Pearl Scecrest born Sept. 18, 1879

Mrs. Martha McQueary was the mother of six children by her former marriage, whose children, as well as the two by Sechrest are involved in the estate and the law suit with the Zimmermans later over property lines:

  1. Samanatha (McQueary) , deceased wife of Thomas Arnett
    b.ca 1852-3 in Indiana, left two children:
  2. Colville, (Arnett),deceased, b. July 23, 1854,
    father of 2
  3. Mary A. (Arnett) b Aug 25, 1857, m. Charles Talley
  4. Gilbert M., b. Sept. 3, 1859, married, 1 ch
  5. Martha E. b. Jan 3, 1860, m John Flannery, 4 ch
  6. Willis E, b May 16, 1861, married, has 2 ch
  • Meade and + Otta Pearl Sechrest