Info Line: 816-659-1945

Hours of Operation: 7 days a week. Park opens at 9am closes at 6pm. Gate will be locked at 6pm. Cars inside will be locked in overnight.

The Trails will be open to hike but we encourage no group hikes.

Picnic's are now allowed and Scouts can overnight camp.

The Interpretive Center is closed.

Please consult the following sites for trustworthy updates on the Virus.

World Health Organization

Center for Disease Control

Johns Hopkins GIS Map for Covid 19 Virus


William M. Klein Park

aka: Cave Spring Park

aka: The Barnes Enclosure


A Jackson County Park

Maintained by the Cave Spring Association

Jackson County Parks logo
2690 - Wooden Bench

Picnic Areas

Picnic areas throughout park

2713 - Flag

Interpretive Center

Classes, Historical Displays & Rentals

Where history meets nature.

We are a National Historic Site (Interactive Map Here) We have 4.5 miles of easy but winding trails on 39 acres.  We are a privately run Jackson County Park and have been open now for 43 years.   We offer all year round programs and are always looking for good help!