Cave Spring Association

Would you like to support this hidden gem we call Cave Spring Park?

  1. Would you like to get deep discounts on Pavilion Rentals? (33% Scout, 50% Ranger, 75% Warden)
  2. Would you like to attend our annual Night Hike and Cookout? (Ranger can bring guest,  Warden can bring 2 guests)
  3.  Would you like to attend classes at the park at no charge?
  4. Would you like to reserve the Interpretive Center? (Warden gets 33% off rental price)
  5. Would you like to be able to camp overnight at the park? (Warden gets 33% off rental price)
  6. Would you like to be eligible to apprentice at the park and learn about nature and conservation
     *All association members of all levels are exempt from Cleaning Deposits as well.

If you answered yes to any of these you should join us as a member of the Cave Spring Association.

       Membership comes in 4 levels.

    1. Scout – $3.00 a month gets you all the light green perks
    2. Ranger – $5.00 a month gets you all the light green and dark green
    3. Warden – $10 a month gets you all the light green and dark green and a free pavilion rental or guided nature/historical tour.
  1.     Corporate Sponsorship
  2.       Would you like to have you logo prominently displayed on our home page to let you everyone know about your company?
  3.       How about sponsoring one of our historic sites so it shows up on our custom google maps and website maps? 
  4.       How about advertising on our digital sign at the corner of Gregory Blvd and Blue Ridge Blvd 24/7/365.

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Meet the 2021-22 Cave Spring Association Board of Directors

The Cave Spring Associations are the caretakers of Cave Spring Park in partnership with Jackson County Parks + Rec.

The Association was founded in 1976 by a group of locals committed to preserve the park’s beauty and historic contents.

The Association entered into a partnership with Jackson County Parks + Rec in the 1980s and since then it has only gotten better.

The Board is made up of volunteers who find the time, energy and effort to preserve this hidden little forest.

The Board meets quarterly and has a one year apprenticeship program for those who wish to join it.  All successful graduates of the apprenticeship program are invited to the join the board.

The Association is always looking for volunteers who maybe want to help but cannot commit to year round service.  Please use our contact form below if you are interested in either.

Al "The Elder" Maddox - Executive Director
Harley "Two Sticks" Weibling - President
Garrett "Popeye" Wiser - Vice President
Jerry "Waldo" Folden - At Large
Jon "The Chiller" Fogarty - Secretary/IT
Pamela "The Machine" Vitt - Trail Manager
Iz "censored" Groceman - Warden
Shakyra "The Shepherd" Washington - Programs Director
Nate Knapp - Scout Director
Keith "The Tree Guy" Green -Secretary
Nancy Kearney - Archivist
Seth "Mars Bound" Seagraves - Park Engineer
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